Get Support

  • Provide you with information and education to help you understand dementia
  • Support you in navigating the, sometimes confusing, health system
  • Help you to get prepared for when things change
  • Provide tips and strategies to manage challenges
  • Link you into programs and other services to help either yourself or your loved one
  • Connect you to other people in the same situation

Our service is tailored to your needs. Some clients just speak to us once or twice to gather information and others have more frequent contact and support. While we prefer referrals from health professionals, a referral is not necessary to access our service so if you would like to talk to us about how we can support you call your local office on:

Dunedin: 03 471 6154

North Otago: 027 441 4022

Central Otago: 027 441 4077

Queenstown Lakes: 027 441 4960

Wanaka: 027 441 4001

Central Otago: 03 448 9056  or 027 441 4077


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