To all our valued clients and community. The Alzheimers Otago team will continue to provide you with as much support and access to services as possible in a safe and appropriate manner.

As we are Delta Level 2, Alzheimers Otago have decided that, for now, we will suspend all face-to-face services.
This means that our support groups, coffee groups, CST programs and home visits will all be suspended until we are confident it is safe to resume face to face contact. We also ask that you call us rather than popping into our office.
We aren’t going anywhere though! Our support for carers will be delivered over the phone and we are looking into other ways we can offer CST activities.
We are only a phone call away! If you have any questions or need our support please do not hesitate to call us as we would love to hear from you
03 471 6154 for our Dunedin office
03 448 9056 for our Alexandria office
03 441 4955 for our Queenstown office
03 434 9090 for our Oamaru office
Contact emails for our team are follows
Community Educators
Donna Watt, Alexandria – central@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Gayle Thornton, Queenstown/Wanaka queenstown@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Brooke Ashton, Dunedin – brooke@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Kim Ross, Dunedin - kim@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Activity Coordinators
Robyn Brighthouse, Wanaka - robyn@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Gayle Thornton, Queenstown/Wanaka queenstown@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Donna Kaiser, Oamaru - north@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Finance Funding Administrator
Andrea Vaugh, Dunedin – admin@alzheimersotago.org.nz
Antoinette McLean - manager@alzheimersotago.org.nz

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