To all our valued clients and community (updated 06/12/2021)

As most will be aware New Zealand has moved into a new phase of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic with the introduction of the “Traffic Light” system.

This comes with some complexities for Alzheimers Otago as a community aged care health care provider of supports for older people in the community under the Ministry of Health.  We provide one-on-one client support; carer support groups, CST sessions and day programmes for people living with dementia, education sessions to clients, medical professionals and community groups. We have offices in Dunedin, Oamaru, Alexandra and Queenstown. Each of these have their own context and different dynamics to consider in order to determine how best to operate under the new system.

The good news is this transition is occurring at a time where we have a break in the intensity of our services. We close 22nd December and reopen 10th January next year. This gives us a chance to take some time to get our policies and procedures in place before things ramp up again in 2022.

The Alzheimers Otago team will continue to provide as much support and access to services as possible in a safe and appropriate manner for all our clients - vaccinated or unvaccinated. This means that currently some of our services will and can be face to face and others will be online sessions or phone conversations. 

We are only a phone call away ! If you have any questions please contact Antoinette on manager@alzheimersotago.org.nz
03 471 6154 for Dunedin office
03 448 9056 for Alexandria office
03 441 4955 for Queenstown office
03 434 9090 for Oamaru office

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