Top tips for communicating with a person with Dementia

Top tips for communicating with a person with dementia

When a person is diagnosed with dementia it is a challenging time for everyone. Often friends and families aren't quite sure how they should interact with the person with dementia, especially as the disease progresses. Unfortunately, this sometimes mean friends and family start to pull away which is tough for everyone involved.

In the Alzheimers NZ Dementia Declaration, people with dementia state:

Our lives matter. We all want to be seen, valued, appreciated and loved for who we are. 

With that in mind, Alzheimers Otago has recently published our Top Tips for supporting people with dementia brochure. The brochure outlines 10 simple tips for communicating with a  person with dementia and the tips have come from people living with dementia and their care partners. 

The brochure was developed with support of the Office of Seniors and is part of our Dementia Friendly Organisations Otago, project. 

You can download the Top Tips brochure here.


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