Stories from our community - Judy O'Donohue

Stories from our community - Judy O'Donohue

As a community, have all demonstrated incredible resilience and strength through the recent COVID-19 restrictions. We asked our community to share their stories of the recent level 4 lock-down. Here, Judy O'Donohue shares her experience.


What was the best thing about being in isolation?

SILENCE. Suddenly our worldly noises stopped. Bird song filled the air. Our neighbours filed out of their houses and walked, cycled, ran, pushed pushchairs down the road. Everyone smiled, chatted and laughed in their bubbles. We stood at a safe distance from each other and caught up on all the news. It was so delightful to see our neighbours around. Not having schedules to follow, we all just had to fill in the day. Having fantastic weather and having a glorious view has all helped.  This isolation has not been that difficult for us.


What was the hardest thing about being in isolation?

The hardest part was coming to grips with the fact our freedom to go where and when we pleased had curbed. We could no longer visit our grandchildren.


Did you learn a new skill during this time, or learn something about yourself or a loved one that you didn’t know? Tell us about it.

I ordered a Tai Chi DVD from Age Concern at the beginning of lockdown, so it has been fun learning. This is supposed to be excellent for Arthritis. Sure hope it helps.

I have come to realise how much I have missed the library.


Was there an act of kindness that you experienced during lockdown that you would like to share?

Our wonderful neighbours all offered to help us in any way we might need help. We had many offers to get our groceries. The Milton Chemist does not deliver but they knew of a nurse who worked in Milton that lived in Waihola who happily delivered our prescription. The Milton grocery store started up online shopping and they started delivering. What a wonderful service.  We have had many phone calls from people we have not seen in ages, just asking how we are managing.


What is the first thing you are going to do when the restrictions are lifted?

I have made a chocolate cake and popped it into the deep freeze. I am calling this my celebration cake to take with us when we go to visit our grandchildren. We have missed their hugs and kisses. After we have visited with grandchildren the next thing we want to do is go for coffee at the local café with our usual coffee group.

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