Stories from our community - Dennis Grennell

Stories from our community - Dennis Grennell

As a community, have all demonstrated incredible resilience and strength through the recent COVID-19 restrictions. We asked our community to share their stories of the recent level 4 lock-down. Here, Dennis Grennell from Queenstown shares his story

What was the best thing about being in isolation?

I can’t think of a best thing about being isolation. 


What was the hardest thing about being in isolation?

The limitation and lack of freedom to do everyday activities


Did you learn a new skill during this time, or learn something about yourself or a loved one that you didn’t know? Tell us about it.

I learnt about my son in laws mother who has passed. She was a young woman in Australia who found a black snake in her house. She put a pillow on the snake and sat on it waiting for someone to come. When no-one did she cut off its head with an axe!


Was there an act of kindness that you experienced during the lockdown that you would like to share.

I was struggling to talk about my feelings at my daughters house. She and her husband listened to me without pressure and I was able to express myself.


What is the first thing you are going to do when the restrictions are lifted?

Go to Odelay Café and to the gym.

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