Covid 19


As a result of the current COVID-19 Traffic Light setting of RED, the Alzheimers Otago team will continue to provide you with as much support and access to services as possible in a safe and appropriate manner.

Older people and people with underlying health conditions, including dementia, are at increased risk of serious complications if they contract COVID-19. Therefore, we want to do our upmost to stop the spread of the condition.

Alzheimers Otago have decided that, for now, we will offer face-to-face contact where appropriate and safe, following a risk assessment and health questionnaire.

You will not be denied our services, however in some cases how we deliver or offer that to you will differ from client to client in order to reduce risks and keep everyone safe.

There are very simple things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Alzheimers Otago recommends that you complete an Emergency Support Plan and the Readiness Checklist for if/when you need to isolate if you don’t already have on in place. This plan contains the information required to ensure that if the usual support person is not available, another person can provide the support to the person with dementia, even if the person cannot express their needs.

With COVID 19 now circulating in our community and rules around isolation changing, Stronger Waitaki (with the help of some locals) has put together a short video to show you what to do if you test positive or have been notified as a close contact.
Here is the link to the video:
We are only a phone call away. If you have any questions please contact one of us:
03 471 6154 for Dunedin office
03 448 9056 for Alexandra office
03 441 4955 for Queenstown office
03 434 9090 for Oamaru office

Contact emails for our team are follows: -

Community Educators and Activity Coordinators

Donna Watt, Alexandra –

Gayle Thornton, Queenstown/Wanaka -

Robyn Brighouse, Wanaka -

Brooke Ashton, Dunedin –

Kim Ross, Dunedin -


Funding and Communications Officer

Andrea Vaughan –



Antoinette McLean – Ph: 03 471 6154 / 021 213 2507


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